My Grandmother tells a story of me drawing horses in a little spiral notebook in church when I was three years old. I've been drawing horses ever since. Of course, I have branched out a little since then, but my love remains with them.

I grew up with my mother in California & Utah. I first came to Alaska when I was 12 years old where I would live adventures with my bush pilot father in the summers around Nome and Fairbanks. After working on a BFA in Printmaking at Utah State University, I moved back to Alaska and in addition to my art, became a framer.

Currently, I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I'm mother of Calvin, born in 1997 (the baby bear in the first of the Bear Series) & Lyle, born in 2007 (the new arrival baby bear in the Bear Series)& wife of Rory Hausser (papa bear in the Bear Series). I am working primarily in watercolors & monotypes. I enjoy incorporating my framing skills into all my works.


gallerys designs


Self Portrait